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Linda Allison's cattle at a meadow near Princeton.
Cattle in a corral at Alkali Lake Ranch, circa 1910.
Steve Street, rancher at Jaffray in the Kootenays.

Gang Ranch cattle, on the range in the 1920's.

Cattle at Kusler's T6 Ranch in the Marron Valley.

Cattle on the Commonage, between Vernon and Okanagan lake, circa 1900.
Rob White, driving cattle to the Tod Mountain range, 1967.
Val Haynes, with the Southern Okanagan Land Co. herd, formerly Tom Ellis' at Penticton, circa 1905.
Monicals 105 Ranch cattle moving in front of the lake.
Cows feeding at Leir's Junction Ranch, Kaleden, 1984.
Cathy Keeping, lady rancher at Deadman Creek.
Douglas Lake Ranch cattle moving on the road near Aspen Grove in the 1930's.
Guichon Ranch herd at Nicola, waiting to move to the rangeland.
Bentley Ranch bulls at Progress, B.C.
Beef drive at Chimney Creek in the Cariboo, circa 1950.
Stan, Cathy, and Bob, branding at Douglas Lake Ranch.
Pan Phillip's Nazko drive at Quesnel bridge, 1955.
Everett herd at Monte lake in the 1970's.


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